Photo album for NAS.

1Album stores photos and videos in your network attached storage (NAS). Your phone never run out of storage space again, and it is completely private.

  • Support many NAS models

    We support Synology, QNAP, and any NAS that can run a Docker container. We will provide native NAS modules to support even more models.

  • Store in multiple NAS devices

    1Album can store photos and videos in multiple NAS devices to be fault-tolerant. You data is safe should any one of the device fail.

  • Secure P2P connections

    1Album talks to your NAS directly through encrypted WebRTC connections which can pass through most home routers.

1Album and Blackbox

1Album stores photos and videos in the storage backend software called "Blackbox" installed on NAS. If you don't have NAS yet, you can also install Blackbox on computers or iOS devices.

How to Setup

Connect 1Album to NAS is easy. In just 3 steps, 1Album can talk to your NAS over the Internet without special network configurations.

  • 1

    Install Blackbox

    Blackbox is the storage software designed for 1Album. You can install Blackbox on more than one NAS device.

  • 2

    Install and login to 1Album

    Install 1Album app on an iPhone or an iPad. Create or login with your account. You can also login with your Facebook account.

  • 3

    Enter Blackbox device key

    After entering the device key into 1Album, 1Album will locate and connect to the Blackbox automatically. Multiple Blackboxes will synchronize with each other.

  • Free up storage

    You can free up space on your phone after photos and videos are sent to Blackbox. All photos and videos are still visible within 1Album. They will be downloaded from Blackbox to your phone on-demand.

  • Your photo diary

    You can use 1Album as your peronsal diary by writing memos on each photo and store them privately in Blackbox. Memos can be shown or hidden at any time. They do not alter the original photo file.

  • Revisit the place

    Want to revisit the place in your photo? Now you can do so from your phone. 1Album integrates with Google Map and Google StreetView to let you revisit the place where you took the photo.

Don't have NAS? No Problem.

  • Install Blackbox on a computer

    You can install Blackbox on Windows, Mac OSX, and Linux systems. As long as the computer is on, 1Album can talk to it.

  • feature

    Install Blackbox in the cloud

    You can install Blackbox on any cloud services that supports Docker, such as Docker Cloud.

  • feature

    Install Blackbox on an iOS device

    We also have Blackbox for iOS devices. This is suitable for those who don't have lots of photos, or want to try 1Album quickly.